Le’ Favour Table


Literally 2 years ago I’m sharing a cup of coffee with good friend Jake Favour from Romp Creative and we are talking about coffee tables. That’s the thing about Jake, you don’t sit and discuss the weather or sports.. you talk design. Jake loves design, He loves modernism. The dude really has a passion for it. … Continue reading

Get Bent Tables


Rock Star Designer Kerrie Kelly hit me up with a project a few months ago. She was looking for some cool one-off metal and glass tables for one of her clients. She had me collaborate with one of her badass’ Katrina Stumbos. This is what we came up with. Materials are Pickled and Oiled steel and glass. … Continue reading

The “SUGI” Table


Pictures really are worth 1000 words. Tonight I will let the pictures tell the story. But for the particulars…  I made this coffee table for a friend. It is made from old reclaimed framing material and I used an old Japanese finish technique called Shou Sugi Ban. The finish is created by burning the entire piece then … Continue reading

The OM Bench


We made this bench for rockstar designer Kerrie Kelly and one of her fabulous clients. The entire bench was made from and old solid core door that i found in the clients trash pile. Left over from a recent remodel. You can see some of the imperfections in the photo’s. That is the point of a … Continue reading

The WhatNot Table


I absolutely love to make something, out of nothing. One of my favorite things to do. The boy’s at the shop were transforming a clients front doors into something super cool and as usual and I was digging through our scrap/trash pile. I found a piece of solid core door that had been cut out to make room for … Continue reading



About 2 years ago when we were making all the tables for The Press Bistro I accumulated a small stack of left over ash lumber. Nothing much, just a pile of small pieces. Stuff most people would throw away. I try not to throw away lumber, I have a firm belief that with enough ingenuity, skill and good … Continue reading


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