Le’ Favour Table


Literally 2 years ago I’m sharing a cup of coffee with good friend Jake Favour from Romp Creative and we are talking about coffee tables. That’s the thing about Jake, you don’t sit and discuss the weather or sports.. you talk design. Jake loves design, He loves modernism. The dude really has a passion for it. … Continue reading

The “SUGI” Table


Pictures really are worth 1000 words. Tonight I will let the pictures tell the story. But for the particulars…  I made this coffee table for a friend. It is made from old reclaimed framing material and I used an old Japanese finish technique called Shou Sugi Ban. The finish is created by burning the entire piece then … Continue reading

The WhatNot Table


I absolutely love to make something, out of nothing. One of my favorite things to do. The boy’s at the shop were transforming a clients front doors into something super cool and as usual and I was digging through our scrap/trash pile. I found a piece of solid core door that had been cut out to make room for … Continue reading



About 2 years ago when we were making all the tables for The Press Bistro I accumulated a small stack of left over ash lumber. Nothing much, just a pile of small pieces. Stuff most people would throw away. I try not to throw away lumber, I have a firm belief that with enough ingenuity, skill and good … Continue reading

The B.F.T……


About two months ago Kerrie Kelly from The Kerrie Kelly Design Lab  hit me up regarding one of her clients. They were looking for a unique dinning table for their home they are remodeling. Something massive and industrial yet refined. I played with a few concepts and finally came up with this idea. 5’6″ x 5’6″ concrete … Continue reading

After Launch


Just a quick update from the incredible time we had at this years annual “Launch” music, design, art, fashion and furniture festival. It was an amazing time filled with tremendously creative people, fantastic music, art and furniture. I really appreciate the hard-working people who pulled together to put on this fantastic event. Below are a … Continue reading

The Under Dogs Go To War… Turf Wars that is.


A A couple of months ago good friend and amazing contractor Courtney Cardenas came to my partner Marvin Maldonado and I asked if we would help participate in an up coming episode of Turf Wars. (DIY Network). My initial reaction was well.. less than enthusiastic. We were just coming off an episode of House Crashers that damn … Continue reading



  “Launch is a multi-disciplinary audio/visual festival that connects people with art, music, fashion, and design. Launch recognizes and seeks to highlight the cultural overlaps between creative industry and aims to create a cross-discipline experience that allows people to connect with the artists, their work, and the performances. Launch is an annual festival that began … Continue reading

Shou-Sugi-Ban – Burnt Sugi Boards


Shou-sugi-ban 焼杉板, or burnt sugi board is a Japanese technique of creating timber cladding that should last over 80 years. Sugi is known as Japanese cedar, Instead of sugi, our wood species are Belinga. Old traditional Japanese houses use shou-sugi-ban for their external timber cladding, although rarely used now (replaced by manmade plastic or composite). … Continue reading

Yay Lauren!!!

Lauren Duvall

Urban Now is pleased to announce that Lauren Duvall has joined our team. Lauren is  passionate about design, photography, art, fashion and most of all, her family. With a bachelors degree in interior design she received from Sacramento State University and over 6 years practical experience in the design field. She has come to specialize in residential and commercial interiors. She love’s nothing … Continue reading


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